Happy New Year 2019 Greetings: Say goodbye to the end of the year with phrases and cards. Receive the New Year with Greetings and Dedications. You are looking for original dedications, congratulations for the end of the year I invite you to continue reading.
Happy New Year 2019 Greeting Card
Happy New Year 2019 Greeting Card

Happy New Year 2019 Greetings

Not only will you meet with greetings at the end of 2019, but also wishes for your loved ones for 2019 so that you can leave a warm and affectionate greeting to all.

Best wishes for this Happy 2019 year in short sentences

  • Do you have to write many greetings? but do not panic that I want to help you to make the task easier this year.
  • What I recommend is that you separate the priorities or the links in this way so you can make a general for each group.
  • A group can be end of the year greetings for the family, dedications for friends to wish congratulations, and another for happy work 2019.
  • What can you wish for this end of the year or new start?
  • Desires of good start, work, happiness, love , have a good life.
  • Everything depends on what you want for the person but the best thing is that you write the things that come from your heart.
  • If you keep reading I’ll leave you some tips so you can leave the best cards for everyone.
  • But I do not want to miss the opportunity to thank you for being part of this space, and wish that you have a good year 2019 as a family and that you continue with Mujeres mujeres.

Happy New Year 2019 Greetings to the family

There are many phrases that you can use but the idea is that you can say good wishes in a few words.

7 messages of happy year so that you can take out ideas yourself.

  1.  The family is the greatest treasure and I am very lucky to have them by my side at the beginning of the year.
  2.  This 2019 that brings union and love in our family. Congratulations!
  3.  Congratulations, I thank you for having them as a family, I would not exchange them for anything. Happy New Year!
  4.  I only wish you two things, everything and nothing. That everything makes them happy and nothing makes them suffer.
  5.  When the bells of 12 o’clock arrive I will give thanks for having them.
  6.  The best auguries for this 2019 full of joy for all.
  7.  When you are in a family you can only be happy and today in this celebration I want to tell you that I love you. congratulations to everybody!

I hope that some of the words I wrote so you can say hello on the end of the year cards will be useful.

Dedications Happy New Year 2019 Greetings for the end of the year for your friends

Is it important for you to greet friends?

  • I’m going to write you some messages that I wrote for mine and you can use them for yours.
  • I cross with happiness and I asked him to come by your house with health and love for this new beginning.
  • I could not have a better friend than you, I wish you the best and to give for many more years of friendship.
  • That each day of this new year be with joy and full of good times together.
  •  This year that happened I became a millionaire because I have the most valuable treasures that are friendship.


Happy New Year 2019 Greetings of happy new year

Do not know what wishes to give to your loved ones?

  • I share some with you so you can use them.
  • I wish you a happy and prosperous new year
  • I wish you a happy 2019 to fulfill all your dreams
  • Close your eyes ask for three wishes and in this new year that comes will be fulfilled.
  • Happy new and prosperous year that everything you imagine and more is for you.
  • Whenever you start something new that is with the right leg so that everything goes well. Congratulations

The 2019 that comes with the best moments of happiness and that everything is happiness for you.

Happy New Year 2019 Greetings to wish congratulations 

Do you dare to write your own thoughts of congratulations for this new year on a card?

  • Do you know how wealth is measured? not for your money but for the number of friends you have.
  • Thanks for being part of my immense fortune.
  • This 2019 happened very fast I leave many good things, that I will always carry in my heart, that this 2019 is much better.
  • When my message reaches you, close your eyes very strongly and think about the most beautiful things that happened to you and I wish for you those and many more.

10 gift ideas for the end of the year full of positive energy

Do you like to give gifts to your loved ones? This is an excellent opportunity for you to spread good vibes with gifts. I’ll describe the best gifts for this beginning of 2019 your partner, best friend, or your family.

  1.  The candles can be a good idea the color indicated are the red and green that are the love, health and money.
  2.  The plants are to purify the air and are ideal for good vibes.
  3.  Keywords are a symbol of well-being and if you want your family to be healthy it is a good present, you can find them in various materials.
  4.  A beautiful detail that you can give to your best friend are bracelets of luck or friendship
  5.  The bouquets are joy are a nice detail of good vibes
  6.  The chocolate! A beautiful box of chocolates we all like.
  7.  A good bottle of wine so you can toast with that special person for you.
  8.  Perfumes for the house with vanilla essences, lemon or some floral to perfume the days of this 2019
  9.  If you want something super personalized give a porta porta with a family photo or yours with the person who receives your gift.
  10.  Something decorative for the house that always brings good omens and more for when you want to wish a happy year.

Whenever you want to give something to your best friend, friend or family think about what they like most and from there your search begins. I hope you can feel satisfied with this compilation of the best quotes and dedications for your loved ones from friends to loves, from family to colleagues. The important thing in this new year that you can fulfill all your wishes and I hope that this new year that begins may be better than we left behind.

Happy New Year 2019 Greetings and End of the Year Messages to Dedicate

The important thing is to be close to the most loved ones and a good way is to share this video with images, illustrations and words of affection, love and affection to start a good year.

  • Leave behind the year you already lived now is the time to build your own path in this new life cycle where you will have new experiences with obstacles that you have to overcome and joys to celebrate.
  • You are the only person who should know how to channel everything that happens to you in this beginning to reach the goal of the new year. Congratulations!

Download the Happy New Year 2019 Greetings cards and postcards for the end of the year





Start downloading the image that you like most with the dedication and the drawing that you think may be more consistent with the message you want to convey for this new year that begins. Download for free and share on social networks that you have more friends. Happy New Year to all! With strength, dedication and dedication to fulfill all your dreams.