Free New Year Status 2019 Whatsapp funny short lyrics

Happy New Year 2019 Status
Happy New Year 2019 Status

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year Status 2019- Hello everyone, finally the wait is over and the celebration for Christmas and a happy new year has arrived. Friends can have a lot of fun and enjoyment all night long. We are all excited about New Year’s Day and have to think about how we can celebrate it in different ways. Long before the day, people will send their Status, Status to Christmas and New Year’s Status for the New Year 2019, to love blessings and love. That’s why we present here the brand new collection of cool New Year’s Status and the warm New Year’s Status to business partners who want to be used to wish you close and dearest.

Happy New Year 2019 Status

  • As the new year starts right away, I want you to look for better things in life. Happy New Year!
  • The new year will be better when I’m with you. Come home soon, sweetheart. I miss you!
  • Before your social media gets flooded, the calendar changes its leaf, the mobile phone networks are overloaded, I wish you a happy new year!
  • Say goodbye to this year with a positive hope and a smile on our faces. I wish you a happy and happy new year, my dear!
  • Will the new year be better? 
    Will the new year get worse? 
    If you ask yourself every year. 
    Let’s be honest: 
    life is always life threatening. 
    So let yourself be surprised 
    what brings you the new year.
  • I am sure 
    you will succeed in all the challenges that 
    await you in the new year 

    Good luck, good luck that the fun is not too short.
  • 12 months have the year, 
    much we have done together, 
    now it is almost over, the beautiful year; 
    two of us. 
    I wish you a 
    happy new year, let us have so much joy, as last year!
  • Make time for the door, 
    then the new year can come. 
    Take it with big steps, 
    drink a glass of wine with it. 
    Good luck and cheerfulness, 
    should be your guests next year!
  • At midnight, it is done again, 
    a year is coming to an end, 
    the next year is just around the corner . 
    I wish you 365 days only luck.
  • A happy and healthy year! 
    May all your intentions come true! 
    First of all, stay healthy, 
    like the frog on his ladder, I wish you that!
  • Do not look back in the last hours, 
    only in front of you is the new luck! 
    I wish you a nice New Year’s Eve party, 
    a good start to the new year!
  • May the universe bless you in a surprising and joyful way. Happy New Year!!!
  • Expect your smile to get even bigger in 2019. Happy New Year.
  • Here is a new opportunity for a dynamic start. 
    New Year Status to all employees.
  • Thanks for all the fun and the nice moments we shared. 
    May we have much more in the glorious New Year.
  • When I think of our friendship and how happy it has made me, I wish you luck in the coming year. Happy New Year
  • I count my blessings and wish you more. I wish you a successful new year, my dear friend.

So have fun with our regards and continue reading. The year 2019 is only a few days away from us. And there is no doubt that everyone will need text Status. Everyone is excited, the reasons for this excitement are quite big. Some people are excited because it’s a new year and a new start for them. There are people celebrating the New Year just because they can celebrate and enjoy their lives. There are also people who only want to celebrate the New Year with their family friends. And maybe do some holidays. Anyway, I wish you good luck for the future. Status, beautiful texts The welcome for 2019 is completely free.

Whatsapp New Year Status Short SMS

Status are a combination of images and text sms of the new year. New Year’s Eve is a wonderful time of year when we celebrate the end of a current year. Sending New Year’s Status via WhatsApp is an easy way to reach friends and family. Sending New Year’s cards to friends via WhatsApp is a great way to share that feeling. Create a series of New Year cards, create a list of people who wish the New Year on Whatsapp, then send the New Year Status greeting. It is a great opportunity to tell people how much you remember the new year 2019. Sending New Year’s Status on business is a great way to share the seasonal spirit with business colleagues. The best possibility,

  • 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … 0 … PROSIT NEUJAHR!
  • Give it the New Year without joke, health, prosperity and a happy heart!
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018. And another year closer to retirement 😉
  • Have you paid in the Future Bank on account 2018, 365 days of love, happiness and sweet dreams. Have fun spending and a happy new year!
  • In the starry New Year’s Eve you thought very much of yourself – the most beautiful star will bring you, that is clear, a happy new year!
  • 2014 red hearts should bring you good luck in the New Year. Please marry me in 2018! Your sweetheart
  • I send Status to all friends for the new year – also you, that’s clear. May all the good come true and all bad go by fast. Happy New Year.
  • Please close doors, sit down and fasten your seat, the New Year’s journey has begun! Wish a good arrival and a great stay in 2019!
  • Let the corks pop right and the missiles fly properly, only then you can fall deeply and still win.
  • Sun, moon and stars, everything is far in the distance. But what I wish, that is very close, a happy, healthy new year!
  • Happy New Year – and consider, what you do not see with the heart, you also with the eyes hidden in the new year.
  • Happy New Year and I wish you that it will be even better than the old one.
  • I wanted to send you something unique, grandiose and loving for New Year. But I just do not fit on your mobile phone display.
  • Happy New Year and may your good intentions outlast your cat.
  • Whether New Year’s Eve or not, you’re the blast, even in the new year!
  • One year is nothing, if you plaster it, a year is a lot, if you use it. In this sense, the best wishes for the coming year.
  • A new year means new hope, new light, new ideas and new paths to the goal … I wish you a good start to the year 2019!
  • Today is New Year’s Eve, I greet everyone I like. Drum I’ll send you away Far away a thousand magical stars ************************* HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  • In the sky, the stars shine so clearly, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

There is nothing without love, especially during the New Year celebration. If there is no love in your New Year’s Status, there is no reason to wish someone a Happy New Year. Love is the cornerstone of every relationship. New Year is the opportunity to show friends and family how much you love it. A short, beautiful New Year’s announcement can express your feeling for the others. Love for your friends and all with this Happy New Year 2019 SMS New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Status funny.

For the friends you should use our funny Status on WhatsApp. To make them laugh and put them in a fun mood, just send a cute Happy New Year’s Status for WhatsApp. They want so many funny Status at a price of nothing. Love for the New Year is a way to demonstrate your love and care for someone. Just add your feelings to these Status and present to the deserving person. Words are power and words are anything that can ruin the day or turn somebody into a day. Be picky with your words and get the selected pictures. Here we have different types of WhatsApp videos for the Happy New Year 2019 Quotes beautiful for free.

Funny New Year Status whatsapp

  • Here we present you a selection of funny New Year’s Status, which were rated best by our users.
  • To all of you who sent me my best wishes for 2018: It did not help! Send me for 2019 either money, alcohol or fuel vouchers! Thank you.
  • Today a pig flew, it floated in front of my window even. It hopped, grinned and roared: Hurray, today is New Year.
  • What is the message here with the bells and the mute? It’s your cell phone: good luck for the new year and all the best!
  • crash … I am a WhatsApp-bullfrog and wish you a nice New Year’s Eve and a happy new year … boom … noise
  • Who rushes so late through this night, it is a pig in full splendor. It yodels, happily rushing down into the valley: “Good luck and fun in the New Year!
  • I am the little New Year’s Eve mouse, unfortunately do not stand in front of your house. That’s why I’m sending you away, a handful of magic stars.
  • In the New Year I wish you 12 happy months, 52 happy weeks, 365 enchanting days, 8760 unique hours, 525600 unforgettable minutes and 31536000 breathtaking seconds!
  • On New Year’s sunshine, the year makes us fertile.
  • If the old year has been successful, then rejoice. And it was bad, even more so.

New Year Status. Business 2019 beautiful

A businessman wishes his customer and the people working with him a new year. Shopping is another big thing on this day, various parties are being organized and everyone is looking forward to the New Year 2019. The public also wants to create the New Year’s Status themselves, and here too the antique collection of sweet Status goes to customers.

We welcome the business partners to the New Year. Many people take their business partner more seriously than others. For most of us, no matter how important and true, our circle of friends is, but the family always comes first and is really important. There should also be something special for this particular one. You can also email a short brief greeting to your father, mother, siblings and relatives. Here are some of the best funny animated New Year’s Status videos for cell phones that are worth sending to your family. Share it on WhatsApp.

  • Dear Colleagues, 
    A happy new year and a good holiday on the holidays wishes you the management.
  • Dear Mr. Schmidt, 
    An exciting year with a lot of hard work and effort is behind us – and the results achieved show that the effort has been worthwhile in every respect. We would like to thank you for this achievement and wish you a happy new year in a successful year 2019!
  • Dear Colleagues, 
    There are twelve successful months behind us. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your dedication and your loyalty. For the new year we wish you and your families all the best and good health. A happy slide from everyone!
  • Dear Ms. Müller, 
    we would like to thank you very much for your outstanding performance in the past year! Together we have achieved a lot – and together we will strive for new goals in the coming year. We wish you a happy new year and all the best for you and your family.