Happy New Year Proverbs 2019, The Best New Year Quotes

New Year Proverbs 2019: New Year 2019 Eve Sayings – For many people, quotes are the biggest weapon, and quotes play an important role during the festival season. There is no festival in the face that is celebrated without the help of spells. New Year 2019 Eve spells are words of wisdom and experience that have inspired many to strive for what they believe in and never settle for mediocrity.

Happy New Year Proverbs 2019

It is said that a proverb has the power to show everyone the right way in the darkest time of a human being. Some people in their lives have the kind of days when there is only darkness, because everything is just dead. In such situations, quotes in the life of everyone can really play an unimaginable role. For various reasons, expressions are used to illuminate the meaning, to support the arguments and to motivate someone. People cite other people’s statements to provide direct information about the cited work, to pay homage to the original work or author, to make the user of the quote appear to be well-read to comply with copyright laws. So it’s clear that the statements are really important in every aspect of life. Proverbs are often printed as inspirational means to request philosophical thoughts from the reader. Pragmatically, quotes can also be used as language games to influence the social order and structure of society.

The New Year 2019 2019 has arrived. The New Year 2019 Eve party is only a few steps away from us. This is the time to start again and learn new things with the help of last year’s experience. Proverbs are those that were always used at the beginning of a New Year 2019 to fill a man with confidence and positive thoughts. Happy New Year 2019, new life, new adventure is motivation and motivation. Use motivational quotes or pensive ones and share them with someone who really needs the help of quotes. We have a large selection of New Year 2019 greetings for you to begin in 2019 for you and your loved ones.

New Year Proverbs

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  • If its old year was successful, then look forward to it again. And was it bad? – Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955), German physicist and Nobel Prize winner
  • It depends on yourself whether you want to use the New Year 2019 as a brake or as an engine. Henry Ford (1863-1947), car manufacturer
  • Everyone wants a long life, their boxes full of money, meadows, forests, fields, vines – wisdom, beauty, glory of the world, but if everything would be true, what you wish for the New Year 2019, then it would be the world, believe it , miserably ordered.- Heinrich Daniel Zschokke (1771 – 1848), Swiss writer
  • Is it getting better? Is it getting worse? one asks each year. Let’s be honest: Life is always life-threatening! -Erich Kästner (1899-1974), German writer
  • From a distance this wish: Happy stars and good punch.- Theodor Fontane (1819 – 98), German narrator
  • Of course, I can not say whether it will be better if things change, but this much I can say: it must be different if it is to be good. – Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742 – 1799, German mathematician and aphorist
  • Let’s go into the New Year 2019 with a fresh heart! Our love and loyalty should be old, our hope should be new.- Hoffmann von Fallersleben (1798 – 1874), German poet
  • New Year 2019 wish: less speech, more thoughts, fewer interests, more community spirit.- Walther Rathenau (1867 – 1922), German liberal politician
  • Let’s look forward to how happy we are when a child is born to us. Let’s laugh at it, the New Year 2019, let’s smile at it! – Charles Dickens (1812-1870), English writer
  • Happy New Year 2019! Whether good or bad, will be clear later, but it brings only health and cheerful courage and money enough, then it’s okay. – Wilhelm Busch (1832 – 1908), German poet and draftsman

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  • Life is like a journey, New Year 2019 Eve a milestone.- Theodor Fontane (1819 – 98), German writer
  • We wish all of us that the next year is only half as stupid as this.- Oliver Kalkofe (1965), German actor and comedian
  • The backwards progression in the calendar year makes people, but not mankind, more mature.- Johann Peter Hebel (1760 – 1826), German writer
  • You bang into the New Year 2019, so as not to frighten yourself over the old one.- Italian proverb
  • All good intentions already exist, all we have to do is apply them.- Blaise Pascal (1623 – 1662), French mathematician and philosopher
  • The contemplative days between Christmas and New Year 2019 have already brought many to their senses.- Joachim Ringelnatz (1883 – 1934), German writer
  • Everyone has reason to celebrate the beginning of the New Year 2019. He survived the old one.- Lothar Schmidt (1862 – 1931), German playwright
  • As a child you can stay up late on New Year 2019 Eve, as an adult you have to. – Peter E. Schumacher (1941), German publicist and Aphorismussammler
  • I hope to be able to do more in the New Year 2019 and to have less to do. Hans “Johnny” Klein (1931 – 1996), German journalist
  • The New Year 2019 looks at me in a friendly way, and I leave the old one behind quietly with its sunshine and clouds – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832), German poet
  • Survive! Laugh! Love! Keep this recipe! 
    Make the New Year 2019 your celebration that 
    lets you enjoy life!
  • The New Year 2019 should bring you good luck! 
    Your heart should sing happily!
  • The corks pop, the rockets echo, 
    the old year goes by. 
    I wish for the new only the best for you!
  • The year is coming to an end, 
    on New Year 2019 Eve we come to rest ‘, 
    the past year brought suffering and joy, 
    too much work, too little time with dear people, 
    we take it to ourselves: more laughter, more love, 
    more talk , more life, more peace among each other, 
    from today!
  • Everything has an end, 
    every New Year 2019 Eve brings a change, 
    a magic of the new beginning, 
    let it on, 
    start tomorrow!

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  • Start the New Year 2019 with courage, 
    it will certainly be good.
  • Start the New Year 2019 with strength, 
    experience it with passion, 
    bring it to an end with perseverance, 
    so you have done much good.
  • There are already all good intentions, we just need to apply them. (Blaise Pascal) 
    Free after Blaise Pascal: What should I use intentions, if I could protect myself from such life pressure! 
    New Year 2019 is like a reboot, only crass!
  • With this WhatsApp many New Year 2019 greetings come: 
    Stay healthy! Love! Laugh! Have fun in the New Year 2019! 
    See you soon in Real Life, that’s for sure!
  • The old year is gone soon, 
    let me tell you something else: Happy New Year 2019 ! 
    Let the corks pop, the glasses ring, 
    and sing together next New Year 2019 Eve!
  • Are you young and single, 
    remember, your beauty does not go away. 
    But alcohol does not last forever! 
    If you are lucky, 
    you can experience the intoxication together! 
    If you anchor in the marina, you 
    belong to the Braven for 364 days, you 
    can sleep off your joyous morning tomorrow!
  • Kisses, blasts and sparkling wine, 
    are what everyone tastes today. 
    That’s why we bump 
    into what others can not take from us. 
    The New Year 2019 is coming! 
    Now let it in, it’s only yours!

Happy New Year 2019 Wishes  Greetings

New Year 2019 Eve quotes are wise words from famous people who have had a wealth of experience in their lives and shared their pearls of wisdom and experience so we can gain knowledge of them. New Year 2019 Proverbs can be used in New Year 2019 cards and to update the social media status (Facebook, Whatsapp) or text messaging to inspire your friends and family.